Ultimate Mexican Pickle Kit

Ultimate Mexican Pickle Kit

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The kit inludes the following:

1 pickle of your choice

2 fruit roll ups or 1 fruit by the foot 

1 salsaghetti or swinkles clásico (depending on availability)

1 baby lucas powder or Lucas muecas chamoy 

2 tajin satchets or 1 mini bottle of tajin 

1 Lucas gusano chamoy

1 pulparindo 

Challenge instructions:

1. Remove the pickle from the package

2.  Unwrap and unroll 2 Fruit Roll-ups and lay flat side-to-side (if doing the larger kit carve a hole inside the pickle and add the gushers and takis if desired)

3. Wrap pickle in Fruit Roll-up (and carve a hole for the salsaghetti)

4. Dip wrapped pickle in Lucas Gusano Chamoy 

5. Sprinkle tajin and baby lucas powder over chamoy covered pickle 

6. Either slice like a sushi roll or eat whole

7. Enjoy! (We will be uploading videos of the challenge on our titkok)